Venture among the stars. Unravel ancient mysteries. Forge your own destiny.

Fight for your place in the galaxy in a sci-fi tabletop role-playing game

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Exoria – The Role-playing Game is a space opera-themed pen & paper game, designed to give complete freedom to players, thanks to its flexible game system.

As a lone space mercenary, a curious traveller, a military specialist or else, you can forge your own destiny, leaving an eternal mark on the galaxy.

Exoria system is versatile and easy to learn: the game gives its best during long-term adventures, but it is also suited for short, dynamic one-shot games.

Key features

D10/D4 System

The game uses 10-sided dice for most Checks, against a difficulty threshold or enemies’ opposed Checks. Some specific rules add D4 as bonus or to determine some specific additional effects.

3-way progression

Characters do not simply increase their Level through experience, but also Influence to affect relations with contacts and allied factions, and Income accordingly to their deeds and jobs.

Modular profile system

Your character’s growth is not fixed, but based on a flexible nonlinear system: you can choose among dozens of profile traits during your journey, each with specific bonuses and talents according to your inclinations.

Highly tactical combat

In Exoria, battles are dangerous and merciless: you have no “hero advantage” over your enemies, but you can use covers, customizable weapons and countless tactical options in order to prevail.

Realistic damage & effects

Exoria’s combat system is versatile and realistic: you can deal (and suffer) several types of kinetic, energy and chemical damage, each category imposing several effects based on the nature of the attack.

Vehicle & Starship rules

The game includes specific rules to use any kind of vehicle: from simple land motorbikes to huge space dreadnoughts. Tanks, starfighters, veloxes and starcruisers are just some examples of the mechanical power you can use at your advantage.


The Supreme Council is the ruling authority of galactic society: delegates of the six nations assemble on Trakantos and deliberate about the future of the galaxy, coordinated by the wise Voice Kilaan.

Sirthian Dominion, Mansakori Dreontate, Astrosabian Technarchy, Typlanian Stratocracy, Alakronian Monarchy and TCE keep political indipendence, but they are all subjected to the of jurisdiction of the Council, that promotes harmony and organizes political decrees. 

Countless are the military forces defending the Council territories: from Astrosabian Paladins commanded by the legendary hero Soryuwa, to valiant Wisdom Knights.

Above all of them, however, stands the Sider: a sentinel faction, provided with most advanced technologies, in charge of training specialists for high-risk missions.

The Archon of the Sider accounts only to orders from the Supreme Council and follows directives to guarantee peace and protect the galaxy from pirates and terrorists.

Great trade tycoons and noble heirs are in constant search of wealth and power, while at the boundaries of civilized areas, a cancer grows.

Mercenaries, assassins and ruthless corsairs roam the galaxy seeking for hiring or easy loots, while great factions, such as Rising Nova or Dark Karma, get rich taking advantage of refugees, prostitutes and drug trade.

The scum of the galaxy orbits around specific places: lawless worlds, where strong ones survive and weak ones yield.

While the galaxy is shattered by turmoils, on distant planets and unreachable areas, there are still mysteries to discover and hidden truths that seek to be revealed.

Artifacts emerge from ancient times, old hermits study atavic writings and forgotten enemies are getting ready to strike the heart of the Milky Way.

All of this is Exoria – The Role-playing Game.


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